Philippine Language School of Victoria

Melbourne, Australia Learn to speak, read and write in Filipino (Tagalog)

Filipino Language Offered from Beginners to VCE Level

We are proud to be a recognised VCE provider school in Melbourne, Australia with excellent results. Our students of various ages and backgrounds, all interested in learning the Pilipino language and culture.

We are a not for profit organisation. We aim to foster unity among Filipino-Australian as a multi-cultural society.

School Profile

The Philippine Language School of Victoria was established and founded in 1993 by Perla Luetic, the president of LUZVIMINDA Association of Filipino Women in Victoria, Inc., to enable the Filipino children learn and understand the language and culture.


The work began in 1994 in co-operation with the Filipino Community Council of Victoria and Ethnic School Association of Victoria, Inc.


The School is designed for non-speakers of Filipino language, or persons of Filipino parents who are  Filipino-Australian born and who do not speak the language, children of mixed marriages, scholars, diplomats, business people and individuals who are interested to learn the language for better understanding of the Filipino cultural heritage, identity and tradition.


The school uses the guidelines in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) provided by VCAA to attain specific objective.

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